A Band Born of the Blues ...

Prescott, Arizona based Shri Blues Band has been playing clubs, festivals and concerts in Europe every summer for nearly two decades. Shri Blues Band's stellar lineup features vocalist Kate Parker, guitarist/violinist/vocalist Doug Fulker, guitarist Ricky Henderson, organist Steve Ball, bassist Tina Zuccarello and drummer/vocalist Zac Parker. Founding Shri lyricist & vocalist Lee Lozowick and long-time Shri guitarist Franck Giambelluco both passed away in recent years, yet as they wanted it and in the spirit of the blues, the band continues to rock on!

The Shri Blues Band takes the influences of blues, rock, soul and world music and creates a sound that respects the tradition of the blues but also pushes it's contemporary bounds. The band's stage show is filled with an entertaining and danceable mix of traditional blues, blues rock and gypsy blues including a variety of original songs that showcase the talents of all of the band members. Over the years, the Shri Blues Band has played some of the most prestigious festivals in Europe with blues and jazz dignitaries such as Taj Mahal, James Brown, Marva White and the New Orleans Spiritualettes to name just a few.

The Shri Blues Band released their latest studio album in July of 2014 titled SHRI which features 16 songs (13 original), and has also recently released their first live album in over 10 years titled Live in Leipzig having been recorded during their 2012 tour of Europe in Leipzig, Germany. The band has 13 studio albums and 3 live albums in its discography which spans over 20 years of churning out the blues!

Formed in 1993, the Shri Blues Band has become a staple in Arizona’s blues scene. With 17 European tours, relentless gigging in the American Southwest and sixteen albums of original blues music under its belt, the band is well versed in what it takes to please a crowd. The Shri Blues Band has also been featured in The Blues Alive - a book chronicling the history and significance of the blues and has a Sony Music debut on a compilation album featuring Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

Comprised of six talented and experienced musicians, the band exhibits levels of professionalism and musicianship that makes it easy to become a dedicated fan. It’s easy to see right away that these guys really like each other and love the music they make together. Not surprisingly, their loyal fan base continues to grow as a result.

The band's influences include: Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Patti Smith, John Mayer, Big Mama Thornton, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Joe Bonnamassa, Sonny Boy Williamson, Janice Joplin, Derek Trucks, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, Rolling Stones, Albert King, Tom Waits, Elmore James, Jimi Hendrix, T-Bone Walker, Memphis Minnie, Josh White, Otis Redding, George Harrison, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Concrete Blonde, Ry Cooder, ZZ Top, Leadbelly, Billy Holiday, Allman Brothers Band, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Nina Simone, Reverend Gary Davis, Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, among many others ...


Shri Blues Band Current Line-Up:
Kate Parker ~ vocals
Doug Fulker ~ guitar, fiddle, vocals
Ricky Henderson ~ guitar
Steve Ball ~ Hammond organ, accordian, piano
Zac Parker ~ drums, vocals, studio production
Tina Zuccarello ~ bass, manager

Former Members of Shri:
Lee Lozowick ~ lyrics, vocals
Deborah Auletta ~ vocals
Nachama Greenwald ~ harmonica
Franck Giambelluco ~ guitar
Rakini Chinery ~ drums
Ed Flaherty ~ guitar
Everett Jaime ~ guitar
Shukyo Mithuna ~ drums

Shri Blues Band Team:
Matthew Files ~ live sound engineer
Sara Frehse ~ European booking
Lesley Ball ~ North America booking
Anke Olowson ~ sales and merchandising